Spadina Summer Underground, Dupont Street Station, 1978, Smalti glass mosaic
Galaxy, Pine Grove and Wreath, 2018
The Witnesses, 2015, archival digital photo prints mounted on dibond
Creation Dream, 2002, Photoprint on vinyl on glass
5 Generations, 2018, Digital photographic collage mounted on dibond
ChildhoodHero, 1995, oil on paper
First-Light, 2014, Photograph, archival digital print, edition of 10
I am That, 2012, Photograph with digital graphics, archival digital print, edition of 10
Minett, 1993, oil on canvas
Nitobe Ellipsis, , 2016, 14 Photographs bound in a ‘dummy’ for a book as yet unpublished on a wooden lecturn with archivists cotton gloves
Salish Sea Summer, 1997, acrylic on canvas